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 Guide to Profile Construction

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PostSubject: Guide to Profile Construction   Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:58 pm

Here are the guidlines to what your Profile may and may not contain from the start.

BAKUGAN MINIMUM: Naturally, you must have AT LEAST 3 bakugan in your finished Character Profile.

BAKUGAN MAXIMUM: You may have up to 10 bakugan AT THE MOST in each attribute, but these bakugan must apply to this assorted list.

BAKUGAN POWER LEVELS: Any Resistance member may have a maximum of TWO 450 G'd bakugan total. Any Vexos member may include ONE 500 G'd bakugan in their arsenal. The rest goes for everyone, maximum of TWO 400's, maximum of TWO 390's, and the rest go unlimited. However, a bakugan may be no weaker than 250 Gs.

CARDS MINIMUM: Any brawler must have a minimum of 15 cards in their Profile. Copies of cards do count as an increase of the total amount on this site.

CARDS MAXIMUM: Any finished Profile must have NO MORE THAN 100 cards total. Copies of cards do count as an increase of the total amount on this site.

BAKUGAN TRAP MINIMUM: Any brawler must have AT LEAST 1 Bakugan Trap in his/her finished Profile.

BAKUGAN TRAP MAXIMUM: You may have up to 10 Bakugan Traps in your finished Profile. However, they must all be of the same attribute. As Bakugan Traps are incapable of capture by an opposing player.

BAKUGAN TRAP POWER LEVELS: Players may include ONE 400 G'd Bakugan Trap, TWO 390 G'd Bakugan Traps, and the rest go unlimited. A Bakugan Trap must be no weaker than 350 Gs.

BAKUGAN TYPE MAXIMUM: You may have up to as many of the same Bakugan as you like in your Profile, but you must still follow the maximum amount guidelines.

FUTURE BAKUGAN/CARDS DESIRED: Since brawling has started before the show has not had even half of its New Vestroia episodes released yet, bakugan and cards may still become wanted by a Bakugan Brawler later on. If this occurs, you will need to PM me as a request to edit your Profile. However, you may ONLY use this request method to include bakugan/cards that were revealed AFTER brawling has begun, and the material introduced in the most recent episode is all that may be requested until the next one has aired. You may also not exceed the 100 card limit, which means if you plan on increasing your card varieties, you will need to remove some from your Profile in order to follow that rule.
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Guide to Profile Construction
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