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 Current New Vestroia Bakugan Info

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PostSubject: Current New Vestroia Bakugan Info   Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:49 pm


Famous for being one of the Six Fighting Bakugans who stopped the destruction of Vestroia and resurrected New Vestroia, Neo Dragonoid reunites with Dan to battle the Vexos that are enslaving Bakugans. Neo Dragonoid evolved from Drago after consulting with the Six Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia who combined their power to regenerate his body. He uses his gigantic wings as a shield against fire, water, and wind.


AbisOmega is a slithering serpent. It has three fins that allow it to swim. It is capable of swimming in fresh and salt water and has a flexible body that can strike quickly. It can coil around and squeeze tightly to defeat its foe. It has a two-tone colored body with diamonds along the side allowing it to blend into its surroundings, making it unnoticeable. AbisOmega perished long ago and was resurrected by the Vexos "Mylene" as an energy body.


Alpha Percival evolved from Midnight Percival. His new cape allows him to hover in the air over his prey. He also now possesses a double-ended sword to battle multiple attackers and has additional spikes to cover his legs and chest.


Altair is used mostly by "Lync" to battle the Resistance. Altair is the first Cybernetic Bakugan. The lenses in its red eyes glimmer brightly to see at night. Its fangs and horns are sharp as swords. The wide spread wings have spinners to hover and white steam shoots from its mouth. It possesses a fierce battle cry that deafens its opponents. The huge mechanical monster was created by "Professor Clay".


Atmos is a falcon-like bird Bakugan. It has one of the largest sets of wings of any Bakugan. Attached to its wings are six deadly blades that make for easy attacks. It battles its opponents with its sharp beak and horn that sticks out from its head. While brawling, Atmos uses its sharp clawed feet to eliminate its foes.


Baliton merges with Wilda during battles. Like Wilda, he is slow to move, but he uses his massive weight to crush his foe. His brown exterior is the perfect camouflage when battling in the desert. Horns cover his body from head to tail, and his multi-horned tail with sharp nails at the end can swing around like a baseball bat.


Boost Ingram has special wings to go fast, but uses a lot of energy. It has thorns on its head for protection and can call for friends when under attack by using its extremely loud bird call.


Together with "Volt", Brontes brawls for the Vexos to eliminate the Resistance. Brontes is a Mechanical Bakugan who uses his Maniactus Magical ability to eliminate his rival's offenses. This mammoth monster can fly by using the propeller sticking out of its head. His gigantic legs allow him to move quickly and avoid enemy attacks, and his long arms stretch out to wrap around opponents during battle.


Carlsnaut wields sharp, twirling blades and can create water balls to destroy his opponents.


Cosmic Ingram becomes Shun's new guardian after Shun is separated from Skyress. Shun saves Ingram from Vestal's Destroyer by catching her in midair. Ingram is a bird type monster with six wings and a hard-plated steel chest. Her sharp, clawed feet can shred her opponents. She can also fly high into the air and nosedive directly into her opponents to eliminate them. Cosmic Ingram unites with Trap Bakugan Hylash for increased power.


Dual Elfin protects other Bakugan and can fight from two attributes at once. She is friends with Preyas, and prefers a fair battle.


Elfin tests Marucho to prove he is a worthy partner. She can change attributes to gain an advantage during battle and protects the Bakugan in the forest from the Vexos. She can also shoot arrows out of her fingers.


Elico is controlled by "Mylene" of Vexos. He's pure strength and brute force, with defensive spikes sticking out of its shoulders and knees and six tentacles that attach to its back and can wrap around his battler's arms and legs to render the battler defenseless. Elico can breathe under water. He has a large, golden diamond that shoots a water blast to defeat his opponents. On Elico's forearms are six blades used for attacking enemies and protecting his arms.


Fencer combines with Maxus Helios. This four legged creature runs extremely fast and battles with its front bladed legs. Blinding light shoots from its center blue eye to stun challengers during battle. Its long whipping tail has a blaster on the tip that can rip through its opposition. Fencer has extremely strong pincers that are impossible to break free from.


Fortress is a robotic Bakugan Trap used by Shadow. Fortress links to Hades to form multiple attack options that make him almost unbeatable. Ten cannons stick out from his hands and legs, and rockets below his feet allow him to fly to avoid enemy fire.


Foxbat combines with Maxus Helios. This bat-like creature has gigantic wings that allow it to fly to great heights quickly. Its wings can cover its entire body for protection. Its feet have deadly claws to rip through armor. Although its eyesight is poor during daylight, Foxbat can spot a foe in the darkest of places.


Freezer is a green four eyed monster with a glass encased brain. It slithers along the ground by use of its six tentacles. If broken off, the tentacles grow instantly back. Two cannons point out from each side of its head to fire deadly blasts at its opponents. Freezer's head spins all the way around to see an attacker coming from every direction.


Hades is a Mechanical Dragon Bakugan who lives to serve the Vexos. He is "Shadow's" primary brawler when battling the Resistance. Hades has three fire breathing heads and six wings making him one of the fastest flying Bakugans. His three tails each have a spiky tip, so Hades can attack its opponents from many different directions. His metal exoskeleton can sustain multiple blows from any brawler, but on top of that he has three large metal thorns that further protect his heart from attack.


Helios evolves from Viper Helios into a Mechanical Bakugan.


Hylash is a Bakugan Trap that links to Ingram to increase power. He has huge shields attached to his shoulders for protection and spikes protruding from his chest to pulverize enemies. His massive legs allow him to run in circles around slower opponents and beams of light shoot from the diamond on his forehead to destroy enemies.


Ingram's attribute is Ventus. She has evolved from Cosmic Ingram. Ingram developed massive multiple wings and has armored plates to protect his body. Her red eyes can now see a Bakugan from miles away. Her feathers are now metallic and can now withstand fire.

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PostSubject: Re: Current New Vestroia Bakugan Info   Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:28 pm


Klawgor combines with Maxus Helios. Although small, this Bakugan opens up into multiple layers with attack hardware. Its two spider-like legs have deadly spikes covering them. A tail launches fire blasts from its dual blaster tail. Sharp pincers help Klawgor to weaken its foes before destroying its opponents with a deadly blow from its tail.


Leefram combines with Maxus Helios. A robotic snake-like creature. Leefram has two arms with sickles for hands. A deadly sharp horn projects from the top of its head, while venomous fangs stick out from its mouth. Leefram has the ability to stand tall by contorting its body, this allows for attacks that are fast and ferocious.


Mega Brontes is the evolved version of Brontes, and is twice his original size. With his new metal-plated armor he can withstand multiple blows during battle, his clawed hands grip a battler like a vice. He is now one of the quickest Bakugan, which makes him difficult to capture.


The evolved version of Nemus. Has two discs that he launches with his spear and has an extra coat of armor to protect himself from fire, wind, and water. His crown holds four yellow stones that can destroy the most deadly enemies.


Metalfencer is a Trap Bakugan that enhances Viper Helios' fighting skills. His three blue eyes can freeze opponents, making them easy to defeat. Not only can his long tail shoot lasers, it can also wrap and squeeze his opponents tightly, eliminating them with his deadly stinger. His four mighty legs provide tremendous maneuverability.


Midnight Percival is the evolution of Percival. Midnight Percival wears a new cape that protects him from fire and water and has additional horns on his head and shoulders for increased protection from attacks. He has fire-breathing dragon heads on his shoulders and impenetrable armor protecting his arms and legs. He also carries a mammoth stainless steel sword to slay his adversaries.


Nemus teams up with "Baron" to battle for freedom against the Vexos. Nemus is built like an Egyptian king; he's a towering figure with massive blade-like wings. He possesses wrist guards to deflect enemy fire and a cane that shoots a beam of light to destroy his opponents.


Neo Dragonoid Vortex is a multi-winged dragon who can change his body color to blend into the background. He has diamonds along his body to blind his opponents.


Percival is a wicked monster who uses his cape for invisibility and shoots plasma bullets from his three mouths. He also creates a black tornado with purple sparks to thrash his challenger. Percival has two dragon head wrist guards, and his body is covered in armor-plated steel. The horns sticking out from his head and shoulders are unbreakable. Percival has a special bond with "Ace". Together they battle to free the enslaved Bakugan.


Pyro Dragonoid is an evolved version of Neo Dragonoid. Has extra wings for great speed and golden wing tips deflect enemy fire. The diamond on his forehead can shoot fire and his tail can regrow if broken off.


A slithering creature, Pythantus can burrow into the ground to sneak up on his enemies. The thorns running along his body are for defense and has a venomous bite to destroy his adversaries.


Scorpion links with Drago. He can rise up on his six legs to tower over his enemy. He has two colossal pinchers with metal spiked balls and a long tail with an especially deadly pointer that can snap like a whip. His exoskeleton shell protects his insides from damage during battle.


Scraper combines with Maxus Helios. This monster quickly scurries along the ground by using its massive legs. It has a quick whipping tail with two spikes on the end that can penetrate any type of armor. Horns and fangs help protect its head during battle.


Shadow Vulcan is a massive creature that towers over most opponents and is Gus’ main brawler when dueling Dan and the Resistance. The metal rings attached to Shadow Vulcan’s body illuminate and spinning rings deflect enemy fire. Shadow Vulcan’s mighty punches can extinguish fire balls and he is the strongest in all of New Vestroia. His gigantic fists can shoot out from his arm to form rocket punches. He gains additional strength from being on Earth.


Spin Dragonoid can create a tornado spin. He has multiple horns that can shoot out at his enemy and can glide in the air on the gentlest of breezes.


Spin Ravenoid can twirl into the ground for an underground attack. Its massive wings allow it to shield its body from attackers and its claws are unbreakable.


Spindle combines with Maxus Helios. Although a snake-like creature, it has two massive mechanical claws to shred its challenger. A multiple barrel blaster-ray protrudes from its back, which when fired can eliminate multiple Bakugan. Its body is made up of the latest metallic-fiber that is both light and durable.


Stug is a hermit crab-like Bakugan. It has two immense pincers that have spikes inside. Six barbs surround its hard shell to protect its body. Its four legs give Stug great maneuverability to avoid attacks. Perished long ago and was resurrected by the Vexos "Mylene" as an energy body.


Triad El Condor is a Bakugan Trap. When opened up, he resembles an Aztec totem pole. Although slow-moving, he can sustain many punches, and uses his laser beams to neutralize his enemies. In addition, he can fly over his opponents.


Triad Sphinx is a Bakugan Trap who resembles an Egyptian King. His green eyes can incinerate his battlers, and his large headband protects his head from damage.


Tripod Epsilon is a Trap Bakugan who joins forces with Elfin to battle Vexos. He can cover great distances in a single leap and has the ability to blend into his surroundings, making him virtually invisible. Epsilon uses his dark red eyes to control an opponent's actions.


Turbine Hades has multiple dragon heads, the smaller of which can break away from his body to create multiple attacks. He has four arms and clawed feet, and he can destroy his opponents with a cyclone spin.


Turbine Helios has a fiery hurricane attack. Green circles on his wings can deflect enemy fire and he an shoot multiple fire balls from his mouth.


Vandarus' large hands allow him to crush his opponents while his armored belt protects his chest. He has green eyes that can see through rocks and walls. Flames fire from his red hair.


Verias is a gorilla-type Bakugan with a screeching battle cry. It carries a staff and uses it for attacking and protection. Using the staff like a pole vault, this allows Verias to travel great distances quickly. A blinding beam of light shoots out from the purple jewel atop its forehead. A fantastic climber makes this Bakugan difficult to catch. Its dense fur keeps it warm in the coldest weather.


Viper Helios is an evil dragon that enjoys sending Bakugan to battle and obeys every command from the heinous "Spectre". He has thorns tipped with poison covering his entire body and mammoth wings that allow him to move swiftly and avoid quick attacks from opponents. To destroy his enemies, he can shoot cannonball fire blasts with rapid speed from his mouth.


Vulcan is a massive creature that is taller than most brawlers, and his mighty punches can shatter steel-plated armor. Additionally, the his gigantic fists detach from his body and fire cannonballs.


Wilda is the guardian for "Mira", the leader of the Resistance and has a deafening battle cry to scare away opponents. A massive creature, made of rock and hardened clay, Wilda moves slowly during battle, but his incredible durability makes up for this. He also pounds the ground forcefully to rattle his opponents before finishing them with a karate chop.


Wired has a large, indestructible beak. Small in stature, Wired is impossible to hit. With his tiny spinners, he can hover over his prey. His wings consist of five razor sharp feathers that help him fly as well as battle. Wired uses his clawed feet to shred his foes during battle.


Zoack is a massive stone monster. It can sustain the mightiest of blows with minimum damage and crushes its opponents with its mighty bear hug.


All of this information was possible thanks to

Nightmare -
Member - VEXOS
Bakugan - 10 Darkus, 10 Pyrus, 5 SubTerra, 5 Haos, 5 Aquos, 5 Ventus
Traps - Darkus, 10
Cards - 8 Gates, 72 Abilities, 14 Special Abilities, 6 Fusion Abilities
Profile -

12 wins - 1 loss (using SubTerra)
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Current New Vestroia Bakugan Info
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