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PostSubject: ATTRIBUTED LEADER TOURNAMENT   Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:49 pm

What you have all been clamoring for. The BakuganRocks: New Vestroia attributed leader tournament.

It's a straightforward tourney with a few simple rules.

1. No Resistance or Vexos teams qualify. All teams are dissolved for this tournament, and that in turn removes the risk of losing your bakugan to the opponent. Leaving no pressure.

2. There will only be one team leader for each attribute, and there must be at least one other opposition. In other words, a brawler cannot automatically claim leadership, there must be one battle with an opposing brawler also wishing to obtain power over the attributed team.

3. To avoid mass confusion, I will just make each attribute tournament one-by-one. And will start with Pyrus, as I am going down the attributed circle.

4. Logically, the brawler who enters a tournament MUST brawl with a strict assortment of bakugan based ONLY on the attribute of said tournament. Attribute changers do not count...

5. Just post in a tournament brawl when you see one open that you wish to participate in. You may compete for leadership of up to three attributes. No more, and no exceptions.

Good Luck, and get ready to brawl!

Nightmare -
Member - VEXOS
Bakugan - 10 Darkus, 10 Pyrus, 5 SubTerra, 5 Haos, 5 Aquos, 5 Ventus
Traps - Darkus, 10
Cards - 8 Gates, 72 Abilities, 14 Special Abilities, 6 Fusion Abilities
Profile -

12 wins - 1 loss (using SubTerra)
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