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 NEW VESTROIA Characters

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PostSubject: NEW VESTROIA Characters   Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:57 pm



Dan is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He's a 14 year old boy who is more street smart than book smart and is always looking for adventure. Dan wears his emotions on his sleeve. He is quick to react in situations and at the same time, quick to temper. Dan's life revolves around Bakugan, with his greatest ambition to become the number one ranked Bakugan player in the world. He is the master of the power play and uses fire attributes in battle.


Mira is 16 years old, and prefers the Subterra Attribute. A Vestal girl, she is the leader of the Resistance and also the eldest of the Resistance members. She is a warrior at heart. While Mira is accepted by the Battle Brawlers, she is not necessarily trusted. Her primary Bakugan Brawler is "Wilda", and she uses the special Trap Bakugan - Baliton.


Baron is a Vestal boy who is the youngest of the members and very naive. He is currently 12 years old, and going to be 13. Baron is completely in awe of Dan's legendary abilities. He has a gentle nature, and is a loyal follower of the Brawlers and the Resistance. He wears a red headband over his purple spiky hair. Baron battles with the Bakugan "Nemus". His Trap Bakugan is Piercian.


Ace is handsome and sarcastic. A 16-year old Vestal boy who likes the Darkus Attribute, he is at the top of his Bakugan game. Because of their similar personalities, there is ongoing tension between Dan and Ace. Ace isn't a deep thinker and often says things he regrets. Ace secretly loves Mira and is jealous of her attention to Dan. His main Bakugan is "Percival", and he likes to use Falconfly as a Trap Bakugan.


Marucho prefers the Aquos Attribute. Although he's only thirteen years old, he is wise beyond his years and is a walking encyclopedia. He's also the only son of a millionaire. Marucho constantly studies the strategy behind Bakugan Battles, devising his battle strategy from in-depth data analysis. As a sidekick to Dan, he helps analyze which Bakugan would be best to pit against ones opponent.


Shun prefers the Ventus Attribute. He is the strong silent type, and is 16 years old. He co-created the rules and regulations of Bakugan with Dan, and, like Dan, is a master of the game. Although he's a loner who speaks with few words, he's always willing to help his friends at every turn. In battle he teams with Skyress, but eventually they are separated and he battles with "Ingram" instead. Shun shows up in the New Vestroia when he finds out that Dan is in a desperate situation.



Spectra is the leader of the Vexos group that enslaves Bakugans. He prefers the Pyrus Attribute. A cool and composed person, Spectra is very mysterious and wears a mask. He believes he is invincible, and serves Prince Hydron. Spectra likes to battle with the "Viper Helios" Bakugan and uses the Trap Bakugan - Metalfencer. It has been revealed that Spectra is indeed Keith Clay, as Mira suspected. However, once unmasked, his personality had not changed, nor did his hair. It would seem that Spectra Phantom has a possibly permanent effect on Keith Clay.


Gus prefers the Subterra Attribute. He is a handsome, macho Vexos team-mate. During his free time, he devotes himself to training. Gus is quick and agile. In Bakugan battle, he's a powerful fighter who teams with the "Vulcan" Bakugan. Gus uses the Trap Bakugan - Hexados.


Volt prefers the Haos Attribute and is part of the Vexos team. Short and stocky like a wrestler, he doesn't like cowardly conduct, and he is always fair and square. He is a very eloquent speaker, but in battle, Volt prefers to use his strength instead of his mind. Volt brawls with the "Brontes" Bakugan and holds a Dynamo Trap Bakugan.


Shadow prefers the Darkus Attribute. A young Vexos nobleman, he is brutal and cruel, and he easily defeats his opponent in battle with swift and merciless attacks. He is known for tricks that he pulls out of his purple trench coat. Shadow battles with the Bakugan "Hades" and uses "Fortress" as a Trap Bakugan.


Mylene prefers the Aquos Attribute. The only girl in the Vexos group, Mylene is a natural leader who is always challenging authority. Her actions are always extreme. She battles with brains instead of power. Although she is a loyal Vexos, she does not trust Spectre and has her own agenda. Mylene brawls with the Bakugan "Elico" and the Trap Bakugan - Tripod Theta.


Lync prefers the Ventus Attribute. He believes he can beat anyone anytime in a battle and wears a long cloak to help conceal his battle maneuvers. Lync brawls with the Bakugan "Altair" and uses "Wired" as his Trap Bakugan.



A Vestal scientist, and Mira's father. He conducts cruel experiments with the bakugan inhabiting New Vestroia for reasons yet unknown. He also refuses to disclose his purpose for doing so to his own daughter, Mira.


The Vestal Prince. The Vexos are his loyal servants and obey his every whim. He collects and petrifies the Bakugan Six, and is eager to complete his collection by adding the Pyrus Drago to the imprisoned five. It would seem the Prince's intentions are secret, and is a respected heir to the thrown to the Vestals, but this is not confirmed.


Mira's older brother who mysteriously vanished when Mira formed the Resistance. Keith is at least seventeen years old. Mira and him have an indomitable bond, and it would seem that he had taught Mira everything she knows about Bakugan. According to Professor Clay, Keith is no more, and that it would be best if she just forgot that he ever came into her life.
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