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 New Bakugan

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PostSubject: New Bakugan   Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:31 am

"Just to let you know, there has been 2 more official Bakugan announced, both of them are special attacks. A Turbine Hades and a Neo Dragonoid Vortex. The Turbine Hades is just like the Turbine Helios and comes with a ripcord and rolls and spins just like it. The Neo Drago Vortex is a Neo Drago Spin. Wind it up and roill and when it lands it will spin upon opening up, just like in the show! No one has seen these yet and I suspect that since they just made the announcement that they are a ways off before we see them in the store. ( they arent even on ebay (imports) yet ) Be sure to keep checking back as we will let you know the instance we find them available."
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New Bakugan
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