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 Epic adventure

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PostSubject: Epic adventure   Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:03 pm

Okay guys So this is by SuperS and I. I was trying to help Yugi with Sony Vegas and SuperS came on the chat box. Then we started to RP and it turned out hularious. But I edited it a bit to have it able to be considered A fanfiction. I sent everyone involved requests of approval to post this... but I didn't get Yugi's permisson, but I'm sure he won't mind since it's all joking around XD

Yumi and Yugi were walking down the street. Though Yumi didn't want to be seen with a brawler of the opposing side, especially Yugi, she was convinced by him to have her teach him about the program sony Vegas.

"You use KeyFraming" She tried to explain

"keyframing?" Yugi asked, reaching for the dictionary his friends made him tie to his back.

"Key framing helps mask a moving person or object" Yumi explained quickly to keep him from wasting time looking up something that wouldn't be in the dictionary.

"Oh" Yugi answered bluntly stopping his desperate attempts to reach the dictionary. Neither of the two noticed SuperShadow, aka: SuperS, following them.

"Why is Yumi talking to Yugi, she's still angry at him for ditching their brawl" He wondered aloud.

"If the person/object isn't moving, you don't really need it" Yumi continued

"but it basically helps you skip a lot of trouble learning stuff... just look up 'Vegas 9.0 Pro Keyframing'"

SuperS continued to walk behind the two very indescreetly... though the two didn't notice him tripping everywhere and almost crashing into them.

Meanwhile, Spectra was in a Brawl with Masquerade about five feet away. Masquerade decided to cheat and use a second special ability card. Spectra lost to Masquerade and was sent to the doom dimension.

SpectraViperHelios has been disconnected the Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:37 pm (session timeout).

But suprisingly, the gate did not close... in fact... it sucked SuperS and Masquerade Into the doom Dimension!

"No! Not again!" cried a desperate Masquerade. He teleported himself to safety while everyone else wondered why he even existed anymore.

"on youtube" Yumi continued obliviously

"and that will teach you what to do"

Yugi nodded and took out his laptop and set it on his dictionary.

But with SuperS, he was lost in the doom dimension!.

"I wonder how I got here" He asked himself.

SuperS could only hear weird talk about"vegas" and "something" and "blah-blahblah".

SpectraViperHelios has joined the chat the Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:38 pm.

Spectra laughed at SuperS and flew out of the doom dimension using his cool android levitation powers.

"Get back here Spectra!" Shouted SuperS in desperation.

On Earth, Yumi finally realised that SuperS was in the doom dimension and gasped

"I'll save you SuperS!"

And she jumped into the portal. Yugi just watched and shrugged.

SuperS Looked up and saw Yumi enter the doom dimension and shouted out to him.

Yumi is a girl.

SuperS apoligized to Yumi.

Yumi replied to SuperS anyway though.

SuperS continued to shout for help.

Yugi then entered the doom dimension looking for some pie. he really liked pie, especially Chocolate cream pie.

Yumi is angry at yugi for ditching her in their brawl "MAKE YOUR MOVE REBEL!!!" she shouts

SuperS then agrees with yumi.

Yugi decides to ignore them and goes back to looking for some pie and then SuperS continues to think of a way out.

Suddenly a black hole appears and Yumi tries to save SuperS from it.

"where'd that come from?" She asked herself

Then SuperS saw a black hole as well.

Meanwhile Masquerade and Spectra had come to an agreement to get rid of Yumi and SuperS because they thought the two were annoying.

Yumi then faintly saw a mass coming out of the black hole and SuperS looks behind for a second and saw it.


Yumi grabed SuperS and ran away from the Leoplurodon, which chased after them hungrily.

Yumi was too slow though and was eaten by the Leoplurodon.

SuperS decided to go super-saiyan 4 and battle the creature.

Yumi started attacking it from the inside with random sword while SuperS fired rapid ki blasts.

Yumi suddenly shouted "Where'd i even get this sword? oh well..DIE!" and sliced the leoplurodon.

And a giant explosion appeared after that.. and everyone died except for Masquerade, Yugi, and Spectra.... but five minutes later Yugi annoyed Spectra and Masquerade to death... and Yugi was stuck trying to figure out how to mask on sony Vegas by himself.

"the end...." Yumi finished the story. Yumi sat down on her bed and smiled wide at her sleepover mates. SuperS, Yugi, Spectra, and Masquerade stared at the girl for a minute.

"What the H-"

"No swearing Masky-chan!" Yumi intteruprted

"What's wrong with you? we all died?!" SuperS exclaimed

"I believe this girl is insane" Spectra concluded cooly

"Hey!" Yugi complained. Everyone was silent waiting for his complaint.

"Why didn't I get My pie?!?!"

Everyone dead panned except for Yumi.

"Because you still haven't brawled me!"


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PostSubject: Re: Epic adventure   Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:14 pm

thats very ummm interesting yumi

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PostSubject: Re: Epic adventure   Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:52 am

pokekorn2 wrote:
thats very ummm interesting yumi

just for people who haven't been to old vestroia I decided to go super-saiyajin 4 as in old vetsroia my username is


and I like this story a lot!

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PostSubject: Re: Epic adventure   

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Epic adventure
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