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 Elico meets Fred and the life of the Vexos and Resistance.

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PostSubject: Elico meets Fred and the life of the Vexos and Resistance.   Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:01 pm

one fine Thursday morning in New Vestroia a powerful Aqous Elico wandered in boredom. Then a dimensional hole opened and out came a 6-year old brat with a mutated voice named Fred. Fred had no idea what happened he was just working out then he disappeared into New Vestroia. Fred then started doing live shows that all the bakugan found hilarious. Until one unfortunate event Fred made a joke offending Elico. Elico was enraged and challenged Fred to a bakugan brawl. They both weld a gauntlet.
Elico started with a Aquos 450 Altair and the 390 Trap Wired forming Meta-Altair at 840 G's. Fred was stunned. He threw out a 360 Darkus Geldon not realizing it had no abilitys. Fred threw in a powerful 390 Darkus Tripod Theta trap. Fred used the special ability Pyro Might to bring out his 400 Darkus Wilda
1150-840 was the score. Fred then used double ability Gun Lock and Power Winder bringing it to 1350-640. Elico wasn't about to lose. He quickly activated his Aquos Reactor gate card giving him a 300 G boost 1350-940 It wasn't enough but Elico wouldn't lose even one round to that pest. Elico brought out his big guns and quickly flashed his powerful ability shock cannon giving him +500 It was 1440-1350. Elico wanted a higher lead which is what he got by activating his Hydrant cannon ability dropping Fred's total by 200. 1440-1150. Meta-Altair struck and blew Darkus Wilda + Darkus Geldon + Darkus Tripod Theta defeat. Freds LP's dropped to 210. Elico screamed say go darkus Fred. Fred didn't understand but he said it and suddenly he was on his gate card. Fred was baffled and suddenly he saw Elico coming to the gate card. Young one this is the end for you said Elico. First with my aquos power I'll send out my trap Aquos Wired. at 390. 890-500 Then I change to Haos attribute. I use the double ability Myth Ram Judge + Pyro Might. Come on in Altair {450} Altair and Wired fuse yet again for Meta-Altair at 840 and with Elico at 600 1440-300. With options low Fred activates Darkus Reactor and throws in a brand new trap. The neighboorhood squirrels. {400} +400 from Darkus Reactor as well. Fred jumps to 1100 Then uses the double abilities Twin Back + Power Merge. 1240-1700. Elico uses Trick World to reduce Fred back to 100. Then the neighboorhood squirrels negative effect activates which Boosts his opponent by 300 G's. Which then activates its positive effect to boost power by 500. 600-1240. Fred knows its not enough and is defeated. Fred then somehow becomes a ball and goes flying to Elico. Annoying pest. Elico sees the neighboorhood squirrel trap on the ground. Elico picks it up. No need for this thing anymore. Elico picks up the squirrel and launches it so far it ends up at the resistance. Elico brings Fred to his master the mighty Aquos brawler Jhound27. Here you go master the pest Fred from the human world. Fred is a horrible comedian as long as it wasn't Shane Dawson your ok. Jhound27 hands Fred over to Vexos Master Nightmare. Please dispose of this useless piece of trash master Nightmare. Nightmare hands Fred over to Prince Hydron. Do what you feel with this Hydron. Prince Hydron creates a new pedestal and petrifies Fred and stands him on it. Not bad not bad Nightmare you too Elico.
Jhound27 retrieves Elico and walks around the Vexos castle {castle base whatever}. Jhound27 goes into his room and gets out his lego mansion and puts Elico and all his bakugan in it for bed. Then he goes and wanders out of pure boredom. He then wanders by the bathroom which has had the shower broken for weeks. He goes in and pulls back the shower curtain and sees Spectra and Kassandra making out in the shower. Umm wow. *Spectra slaps J* mind giving some privacy. Fine ouch. After that incident he wanders by Master Nightmares room and wonders whats going on. Jhound27 opens the door to find nothing except his Darkus Helios. Ha cool its Helios. Jhound27s Aquos Aquos Premo Vulcan falls out of his pocket. VULCAN!!!. Shh I'm gonna talk to Helios. Vulcan then taps Helios and gets scared off the counter. Waaaah Vulcan screamed as he hit the ground. Shut it Vulcan said J as Helios awakened. What are you doing in the Masters room said Helios. Ugh umm well I uh well Vulcan wandered in here andI came to get him bye. Weirdo aquos brawler said Helios. Jhound27 then went to the pool. Jhound27 got on the diving board before realizing. I might wanna change. Jhound then went into the pool room bathroom to find Ace and Imperial kissing. Jhound then thought. What is so romantic about bathrooms. Well I've got nothing left but go change in the towel closet and hopefully no one is making out in there. To his surprise {uh-oh} No one was in there so he changed into his swimming trunks went to the diving board and did a cannonball in. The wave was so big it hit Vexos member Mira. Again Again Mira said. Umm Sorry Mira didn't see you there. It's ok wave again. Umm how about this. Jhound gets out and grabs a monster and tosses it to Mira. CATCH!!!. Mira trys to catch but misses and the Monster {unopened} lands in the pool. It's ok I got it Mira said and it's perfectly fine. After swimming for about 30 minutes Yumi comes in. HI YUMI {Jhound and Mira shout} Hey guys. While yumi is faced towards the Tv across the pool Mira and Jhound get out to try yo push her in. Yumi hears them turns and both fall in failing misearabely. Dang shes smart. Ya. Then suddenly Yumis own Darkus Nemus falls out of her pocket and pushes her in. *Yumi pops up* Why'd you do that Nemus. IDK I was bored I'm darkus I do stuff like that. Lol said Jhound. Then suddenly Jhounds Aquos Vulcan comes out of the closet and tackles Nemus into the water. ha ha ha. After an hour everyone gets out and drys off. Mira and J go change Mira in the bathroom {Ace and Imperial left after 45 minutes} and J back to the towel closet. Yumi gets 2 towels and goes to her room. Vulcan and Nemus are forgotten at the bottom of the pool. After J changes he goes upstairs and walks by 8 year old Vexos member Slavs room. Sweet dreams little Slav. after saying that SLavs Altair fires a laser. J sees Black Rose and Unknown brawling. The two Shadows are getting drunk at the bar. And finally Nightmare is finally found talking with Prince Hydron about new missions.

Life of The Resistance coming soon to a theatre near you.

This story is under copyright any attempt made to copy this or any new version without my permission is 15 cards

Name - Jhound27
Member - VEXOS
Cards - 9 Gates, 69 Abilities, 9 Special Abilities, 2 Fusion Abilities

Aquos Neo Drago-5 {DO NOT EVOLVE}
Aquos Elico-5 (DO NOT EVOLVE)
Aquos Scorpion-9 {DO NOT EVOLVE}
Aquos Percival-3
Aquos Premo Vulcan-0
Darkus Percival-1
Ventus Ingram-1
Darkus Hammersaur-1
Tripod Epsilon-2

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PostSubject: XD   Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:30 pm

Why is everyone in bathrooms? XDD That made me laugh
Great job, J!
My Monster fell in! XDD
I like the laser part too! lol
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PostSubject: Re: Elico meets Fred and the life of the Vexos and Resistance.   Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:42 pm

Me... and Ace... together...? *twitches* Ok.. Lol but that was funny!! xD
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PostSubject: Re: Elico meets Fred and the life of the Vexos and Resistance.   Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Elico meets Fred and the life of the Vexos and Resistance.   

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Elico meets Fred and the life of the Vexos and Resistance.
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