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 A NEWS Show Gone Wrong...

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PostSubject: A NEWS Show Gone Wrong...   Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:45 pm

This is EXTREEMLY random... But well... tell me if its funny! :]

"Hello, I'm Kassandra, here with weekly news. Our top story is... Yugi has made a Resistance account "I_am_NOT_a_spy", and casually went into the Vexos Layer, found out thier plans, then went onto his "Yugi58" account and leaked all of the infromation to the Resistance. All of the Vexos members are now paranoid, and aren't sure who is who anymore. Yugi has fled the site, and connot be foudn, thus not receiving a punishment. Hhe was last seen posting in the Resistance Base Forum, if you have seen this run off criminal, we urge you to contact M_D or myself. We will broadcast more information as soon as we get it. Well now onto M_D with new brawling information"

"Thank you Kasey.
All of the aquos brawlers on the sight can finally let out a sigh of relief! They now have thier gate card. It appeared in episode 13 of New Vestroia, so now all Aquos members can have a gate card to call thier own!
The new rankings are up! The top Vexos brawlers is... *drum roll out of no where* ME!!!!
And the top Resistance brawler is... *another random drum roll* Blaze!!!
Congrats to all of the brawlers on the site!! Kasey, Back to you.."

"Thanks M_D *hears a banging and cracking comming from the ceiling* Uhm.. what was that? Ah... is thier someone on the roof?" Kasey asks.

A big piece of the sheetrock ceiling falls onto the desk, leaving an explosion of dust in the air. You can hear the manical laughter of a young girl in the room.

"Who's there?!?" M_D screams while choking on the dust.

"MWAHAHAHA!!! It is I Yumi!!! HAHAHA!!!!" Yumi annouces epically while standing on the desk.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!!!" Kasey screams in terror.

"What am I doing here you ask? I'm here to get my job that was taken by a... well a person" Yumi says in a irratated voice, while giving Kasey an evil glare.

"What do you talking about?" Kasey asks, very confused.

"Oh don't pretend like you don't know!!! You took the lead anchor job from me... I know what you did... Well I want it back!! Back I say!!!" Yumi demands.

"Uh.. Yumi, what do you mean? M_D just liked my application better... Theres nothing else I can say..."

"No!! I gave you my application so you can give it to M_D, and you never gave it to him, becuase you wanted to be the lead anchor... I know how you work Kasey!" Yumi declares.

"How dare you accuase me of this?!?! Why, I gave M_D your application I didn't do anything to it!! I'm sorry if he just likes me better!!"

"What?!?! You lie, you lie like a rug?!?!" Yumi yells

"Well atleast I'm a rug, and not cold hard concrete like you!" Kasey snaps back

"Why can't we ever agree on anything that happens!!! And I'm not concrete!!! *gasps*" agrues Yumi

"May I interrupt" M_D asks nicely.

"NO!!" Kasey and Yumi yell at the same time.

"Hey!! We finally agre on something!!" Yumi says cheerfully.

"OH my gosh!! We did!!" Kasey agrees.

Yumi and Kasey hug, and then walk out of the studio laughing, while M_D stands in the studio, very very confused...


***This is all fake... everything is made up... :]***
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PostSubject: Re: A NEWS Show Gone Wrong...   Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:26 pm

That seems.. very me and Kassey-like xD we fight over something, then something weird happens and we're like



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A NEWS Show Gone Wrong...
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