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 life of the resistance

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PostSubject: life of the resistance   Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:29 pm

After the silenceing of Fred the neighboorhood squirrels trap was thrown by Elico into Resistance area. Resistance pyrus brawler Yugi58 discovered it. Hey guys hey guys hey guys look what I found. While Yugi turned around the corner Resistance Haos brawler Awesomeology was coming with his eys closed listenin to music. Then bam right there they kissed. Yugi was caught in shock and the trap bakugan fell into a crack. "YUGI YOU LITTLE DEMON WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING ONE MORE MISTAKE LIKE THAT AND I WILL MAIM YOU." Uh sorry Awesome have you seen the trap I was holding." "NO." ok. Then resistance Darkus Brawler Lync vanishes and runs off to the Vexos Lair. "good thing I'm an expieranced spy" The door opened as Slav came out. "Guess I can pick him off" Lync uses his Helios to defeat Slav.
"Lync gets into the base" hmm so If I were Hydron where would I keep Bronze statues. "Lync notices Nightmare" "C*** can't let him see me" Nightmare hears mumbling and turns around *Lync is in the air vent" Hmm must be some member said Nightmare. Lync pops out of the Vent and finds the trophy room.
Hey Yugis Neo Dragonoid. I think I'll leave that here. Ok my Vulcan I'll free that and Alpha Hydranoid. I'm good bye. Resistance leader Blaze Battleblood is in the middle of a practice brawl with Yugi when all of a sudden Lync comes out and defeats them both with a blast from the past. "BAKUGAN BRAWL ALPHA HYDRANOID STAND" Yugi cant face off with it and gets crushed. and from Blaze using both burst cores on Yugi Alpha Hydranoid uses Destroy Vanish. 550-0. "Argh nice one Lync" Blaze then goes in frm a humiliating defeat and is comforted by pokekorn2. Hey it'll be alright Blaze he came from no where" ya i Guess yur right. *Blaze and GUTS Kiss* Ummm... Then Haruhi comes and starts up the trailer.
Yugi walks around the corner and kisses Awesomeology again. Only this time Lync duct tapes them together. Ha ha look at the cute couple.

Name - Jhound27
Member - VEXOS
Cards - 9 Gates, 69 Abilities, 9 Special Abilities, 2 Fusion Abilities

Aquos Neo Drago-5 {DO NOT EVOLVE}
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Aquos Scorpion-9 {DO NOT EVOLVE}
Aquos Percival-3
Aquos Premo Vulcan-0
Darkus Percival-1
Ventus Ingram-1
Darkus Hammersaur-1
Tripod Epsilon-2

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Dr. Haos


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PostSubject: Re: life of the resistance   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:39 am

Why aren't I in it?
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PostSubject: Re: life of the resistance   Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:46 pm

This is gay.


I don't suffer from insanity because I enjoy every minute of it.
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PostSubject: Re: life of the resistance   

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life of the resistance
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