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 The Haunting of the Titanic

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PostSubject: The Haunting of the Titanic   Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:02 am

“Alright, what the heck just happened?”

Obviously the Bakuneon group (mostly Vexos by the way) had just found themselves on a deck of some sort ship in the middle of the ocean. People were all around them laughing and enjoying what looked like their vacation. Their clothes looked differently than ones from the 21 first century. This made Yumi curious as she peered over the ship’s deck to look at the body. (Yumiof theFadedTsunami) She gaped at the size of the boat. She was not even able to see the other end well. A little suspicious and guessing, she looked at the name of the boat. It was kind of fuzzy since she needed glasses, but she was able to barely make the name out.


‘Oh geez.’ she sighed turning back to the others.

“What’s happening? Where’s my shoe?” Guts shouted out. (PokeKorn2)

“You have both of your shoes on, guts.” Bubbles attempted to say to her friend. Obviously failing because Guts was still freaking out. (ImperialBubbles)

“Why am I not in my bed?” asked Yugi confused (Yugi58). Kassandra helped the younger boy up.(Kassandra) Slav was sitting next to them rubbing his eyes. He yawned cutely.(Slav) “Kass? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” she said a bit confused looking to the others.

“Does anyone else know?” asked Spectra who was next to Kassandra (SpectraViperHelios). Everyone shrugged. Then in realization, they turned to Mira (MiraClaw) and Masquerade who were giggling to themselves.

“Alright, what did you two do?” asked Yumi annoyed coming over to the group and putting her hands on her hips. The two immediately paused.

“Uhh.” Mira grinned. “You see, what happened was, Rosie and I were going to see Maskie and we asked him about his ability cards.(BlackRose) After a while, Rosie left and Maskie and I found this doom card. After that, we watched Titanic and I said that we should go to Titianic. And we found a way to do it! Yay! It worked!” Mira cheered as her and Masquerade high fived.

“What?!” everyone exploded.

“Hey, it was either that or Cowboyland.” Mira said in defense.

“Cowboyland?” Yumi rolled her eyes.

“So how do we get back?” Spectra asked. “I have Bakugan to capture from Yugi.” Yugi glared at Spectra when he finished.
“…… How should we know?” asked Mira. Everyone deadpanned.

“You came up with the idea!!!” Kassandra exclaimed. The Vexos backed away, knowing better than the Resistance members, Masquerade, and Mira that it’s best to keep away when Kassandra gets angry.

“Calm down Kass, we’ll get back home… being on the Titanic isn’t that bad right?” Yumi asked.

When Yumi looked back to her two idiotic friends they were gone.

“Where’d they run off to?”


“WEEEE!” Mira squealed jumping on Masquerade’s back.

“Get off me woman!!!” Masquerade shouted with many curses as the two made their way around the hallways of the large boat. Mira grinned happily.

“This is so much fun!” she exclaimed as they continued their adventure. “I want to stay until it sinks. That part was so cool!” Masquerade just nodded listening to the girl’s rants. He then stopped mid thought. What would happen if they drown too?

“Shiz, Mira. You do realize if we stay until the boat sinks, then we might die if we sink, right?” The girl paused and her face turned serious.

“You’re right. We need to figure out how to get out of here.” Playing with Masquerade‘s spikey hair. “In every movie I see, they have to solve a problem before they can deal with their own. Maybe if we solve a problem here on the boat then we can get home.” she suggested. Masquerade frowned.

“We can’t stop the boat from sinking. That would ruin history.” he said calmly. She nodded.

“Maybe something else is going on here that we just don’t know about.”


Meanwhile, the others were walking around the ship trying to find their friends.

“Where did they go?” asked SuperS (xX_Super-Shadow_Xx) quite annoyed that they ran away. As everyone continued to look with annoyance, they saw Mira and Masquerade running toward them.

“Where the hell were you two?” Spectra shouted at them.

“Running away, but we figured out something.” As Mira explained to everyone, their expressions became serious.

“Maybe we can buy some more time by telling the captain we need to leave.” Suggested Bubbles. “Maybe tell him we have to go back and to sent a boat for us?”

“Brilliant, Bubbles!” Guts cheered. “Let’s go find the captain!”


“So that’s why we have to leave.” explained Yumi and Kassandra calmly. The captain gave them a raised eyebrow.

“I honestly don’t believe you.” They all glared as the captain continued. “But I will let you all go. It will be a while so please sit down.” as the captain made a few calls, he sat down with them on a few sofas.

“This boat is really amazing.” said Kassandra as the captain smiled.

“I know it really is.” said the old man. “There’s only one problem with the boat.” When the group gave him confused looked, he continued. “It’s haunted.”

“Haunted?!” Yugi screeched. Everyone gave him a look in surprise. Amazed he knew the word.

“Yes.” said the captain. “The story goes that when the ship was being built, a man was part of the work crew. He was like your average guy. He had a wife and kids at home and loved his life as a construction worker. But then one day his wife had a heart attack and died and his children drowned after playing at the lake near their house. The man was so depressed, he dedicated his whole life to this boat. He worked on it so hard. Then one day, some people came and destroyed the boat. The workers had to start from scratch and the man died of exhaustion. Before he died he vowed that whoever he think will destory the boat he built would pay the consequences if they step on his ship. So he haunts the ship searching the halls for his next victim. They call him the rubber boot man.” The group shivered besides Masquerade and Spectra at the story.

“So there is a possibility you could see him?” Mira squeaked out. The captain nodded.

“Anytime.” he chuckled and straightened his jacket. “Well you all should get something to eat and take a break. Your boat will arrive in a couple of hours.” They all agreed and said goodbye before heading to the dinning room. After they left, the captain chuckled until it converged into a loud evil laugh.


“Food!” cheered Yumi and Jhound (Jhound27) together as they arrived in the grand ballroom. Some people gave the group strange looks for their clothing and such but shrugged it off.

“Calm down, guys.” Momo (Ichigo Momo) said putting her hand on Yumi’s shoulder as she stared hungrily at a plate of chicken.

“I can’t help it. I say we dig in!” she explaimed. When they finished eating, the group came to an agreement to explore the ship some more. They explored for a long time into the night.

When making it to what looked like an abandon hallway, they suddenly felt the boat crash.

“Fittle Sticks!” cried Momo and Mira together as everyone fell to the floor. A few people cursed and some shouting commenced as everyone tried to get up.

“Is everyone ok over here?” asked Yumi and Jhound as they came around the corner and tripped over everyone making more people groan in pain.

“Bubbles, get your elbow out of my rib cage!” growled Spectra.

“Sorry! I can’t when my arm is stuck under Yugi!” she cried. Yugi gave a grunt from under Kassandra who just laughed.

“Woops.” she said laughing nervously as she got off the small boy only to fall on Mira who was on Masquerade’s stomach. They both howled in pain and agony.

“What am I that heavy?!” cried Kassandra in embarrassment.

“No, Kass.” Mira said under her. “It’s just my leg is deformed right now and Masquerade will probably never eat again.” Masquerade made a sound of recognition.

Finally, the group made it up to the top deck in an unharmed state to see what was going on. People were protesting as the crew were running around everywhere.

“Hey, what’s going on?!” a man shouted to a crew member as he was holding a small child. They were both in pajamas.

“I’m sorry, sir. We’re having technical difficulties if you could please go back to your room.” the crew member said leaving the man there. The Bakuneon group looked at each other. Knowing they had just hit the iceberg. Only a few hours to go.

“We gotta get out of here!” Guts said hyperventilating. Everyone agreed and headed away from the crowd to the 3rd level. There was no one down there at the time and the halls were silent. The lights swung back and forth down the hallways from all the commotion. The group sat in the small hallway across from one another to formulate a plan.

“This isn’t happening!” Kassandra said beginning to freak out with Guts. Spectra and Yugi were trying to calm the two down with no avail.

“This is your guy’s fault.” SuperS accused Masquerade and Mira.

“It is.” Mira said sadly. “All because of my stupid curiosity.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Masquerade said trying in some weird shape or form to comfort Mira. Some reason it worked.

“OK!” she said happily making the few listening sweat drop. Yumi was held back by SuperS and J to stop her from strangling her best friend.

“It’s alright!” said Yugi trying to change the moody crowd. “We can get out of this because we’re the heroes!” he cheered.

“Yugi, you do realize that most of us are on the Vexos?” Spectra said making Yugi freeze then scream in realization as Slav agreed and screamed with him.

“It must be revenge for all those Bakugan we have meddled with.” Momo cried in realization.

“But why meee!?” cried Yugi. “I’m too young and Slav is younger!!”

“That’s right.” said Yumi completely ignoring Yugi’s cries. “But maybe it’s just someone’s stupidity.” she said glaring at the last part and turning to both Masquerade and Mira who were looking through Masquerade’s clothes. The others looked at them weirdly. Mira realized they were watching and shrieked.

“It’s not what it looks like! We’re just looking for the doom card!” she exclaimed. “He has way too many pockets for his own good!” Masquerade glared at her.

“For your information, I have this many pockets because they’re cool.” Masquerade tried to explain to Mira as she looked through his pockets. She pulled out a box of pocky.

“Pocky? I love pocky!” she cried eating some out of the box. Masquerade tried to get it away from her as she threw some to Momo, Kassandra, and Slav. Yumi cried because she was neglected.

“What’s pocky?” asked Yugi getting over his ‘I’m too young to die’ speech.

“Japanese candy, Yugi.” J explained. Yugi made a ‘oh’ in realization.

“Wait a minute,” said Momo. “Did you guys say something about the doom card?” This caught everyone’s attention. Mira nodded.

“Yeah but we can’t find it. We must have dropped it on our way to this time.” Mira explained making everyone sigh in unison. All hope was lost.

Suddenly, the lights began to flicker above them. Everyone got up some of confusion and some of fear of the dark.

“I got it.” Spectra said messing with the light until it was fine again. Everyone sighed in relief.

“Good if you hadn’t fixed that we might have been lost.” Kassandra said relieved. As she finished, the light made a weird sound then shut completely off leaving them in the dark. “Good one Kass, you jinxed us.” Yumi said bluntly. Their only light was from a small circular window on the wall down the hallway in front of them. Mira, Kassandra, Guts, and Momo shrieked for a moment from the loss of light.

“Is everyone ok?” SuperS called to everyone as everyone in the group responded positive.

“What do we do?” asked Guts. Suddenly, they heard the sound of something squishing. Almost like the sound of wet boots.

“Eek.” squeaked Mira as the others froze in place. A shadow appeared from down the hallway. They could still not see who it was. The figure continued forward. Everything was tense.

“Screw this!” cried Mira already knowing what was going to happen and dragged Masquerade away. “The rubber boot man is coming!”

“Hey, where are you going?” called J turning to the two retreating figures. He turned back when he heard the girls scream maybe even Yugi and Slav were in there too and saw a ghostly figure down the hall.

“RUN!” cried Guts grabbing Bubbles and ditching the others as Momo ran after the two. Everyone ran for themselves as the rubber boot man just stood there watching them. Everyone was with another person, but Yumi ran off on her own.

She panted as she opened the doors to the nearest least suspicious room. That guy won’t follow her there. She only hoped the others were ok. When she went inside, she gawked at how beautiful the room was. Even without the lights on, the ballroom she had just stepped into was very elegant and huge. The floor tiles were shining and even the ceilings were amazing. Looking around and stepping into the middle of the room, she smiled still amazed.

She snapped out of it when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She thought this as weird that she had service when suddenly the ‘One Missed Call’ ringtone filled the room. Being a little freaked out, she looked at her phone. The screen read ‘unknown caller’ and the ringtone continued. Being more curious than scared, she opened the phone.

“Hello?” she asked into the phone.
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PostSubject: part 2   Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:03 am

All she got in return was heavy breathing that sent chilled down hr spine. She froze as the breathing continued for another moment. She snapped out of it when she turned to the door and saw Spectra standing in the entry way. His phone was to his ear and he was looking into the room.

“Where are you?” he asked into the phone. A vein popped on the side of her head as Yumi stomped over to give Spectra a piece of her mind.

“Spectra!” she scolded reaching him. “You scared the shiz out of me!” she screeched. Spectra shrugged in return.

“My bad.” he said. She rolled her eyes at him as the two of them shut the door and turned on the lights.

“How did you even get that ringtone on my cellphone anyway?” she asked curiously looking at her phone. Spectra raised his eyebrow.

“I didn’t do it. Yugi did.”

“Yugi probably doesn’t even know what ‘One Missed Call’ is! He would probably have to look it up in the dictionary!” she exploded because Spectra was lying to her.

“He probably googled it.” Spectra suggested. Yumi sighed.

“You know what? Forget I asked. I don’t even want to know or how I got service when cell phones haven’t been invented yet!!” she exploded.

“Wireless communication.”

“Shut up, Spectra.” Suddenly they heard pounding on the door on the doors making Yumi jump. They ran over to the doors as they heard Slav’s familiar voice.

“I found you!” he cried running in as the two older Vexos closed the doors again. Yumi went over to Slav.

“Are you ok?” she asked him he only nodded.

“I stopped running but then he was right in front me! Then he was behind me! Then I saw Spectra so I ran over here!” he blurted out of breath. They all sat down so Slav could catch his breath and overcome the scary event.

“Sorry we left you, Slav.” Yumi said as the other nodded and smiled.

“We thought you would be with Kass or Yugi.” explained Spectra.

“It’s ok. Every man for themselves, right?” this made Yumi laugh.

“Right.” she said smiling. Then, they felt a breeze.

“Spectra?” Yumi asked frozen. The three didn’t move. Nor did they look to the door because they could see the shadow of someone. “Is there anywhere else besides the door there could be a breeze?”

“No.” he answered frozen. They heard hard breathing.

“I’m gonna turn around, I’m gonna turn around.” Yumi muttered twice turning toward the door to meet with a skull like face. She shriek before being grabbed by Spectra as the three ran for the other side of the ballroom. Then Spectra realized something.

“I’m stupid, why don’t I just levitate?” he grabbed Slav and Yumi and flew off before the ghost could get to them. They flew to a window and opened it Flying to the top deck and landing there safely.


“Yugi! In here!” Kassandra shouted to Yugi. He was petrified. So she grabbed him and pulled him into the nursery. The room was bigger than one would have thought and beds were lined up as far as the eye could see. Kassandra dashed for the desk on one side of the room and slide under the desk while dragging Yugi behind her. The sat catching their breathes under the desk as silence filled the air. Kassandra smirked knowing how to lift Yugi’s mood.

“You’re more scared than you were when you got challenged by Yumi for the second time!” she smirked.

“I wasn’t scared!” whined Yugi snapping out of his mood. Kassandra sat with Yugi for a while only throwing insults back and forth. After a while, thunder was heard outside and lightening bolted through the room giving the two more light. Then they suddenly heard the sound of a squeaking door opening slowly. They froze where they where with Kassandra’s hand over Yugi’s mouth.

Seconds passed before squishy footsteps emerged from the door. Slowly making their way through the rows of beds stopping every once in awhile. The silence would become so deafening between steps Kassandra had to stop herself from breathing even the slightest.

Once coming to the desk, the rubber boot man stopped. Kassandra and Yugi could see in terror on the wall the shadow of the rubber boot man. They were luckily hidden by the shadow of the desk. But if lightening struck and the light came into the room……

Kassandra didn’t even want to think about it. And she knew Yugi was trying not to think it too.

A hand came out from the figure’s shadow leaning over the desk as if to look behind it then paused and returned to it’s owner. Then after what felt like hours to Kass and Yugi, they heard the rubber boot man’s slow retreat to the door.

The lightening struck making the two immediately tense. Was he looking their way? Did he see them when the light came in the room? There was a large silence in the room.

If you listened closely, you could hear the sounds of passengers talking on the top deck and the hustle of the people. All complete unaware of the danger commencing only 2 floors down from them.

Finally, the rubber boot man left closing the door behind him.

Afraid to move, Kass sat there for a moment while Yugi peered over the desk. Knocking a bucket of water all over his pants. He went back down to her with a sigh of relief. Ignoring the wet clothes.

“He’s gone.” Yugi breathed making Kassandra finally breath normally. She chuckled to herself at how insane those past few minutes had been. Then she looked at Yugi’s pants and grinned.

“Yugi, did you get so scared you peed your pants?” she asked him teasingly. Yugi looked down at his pants and blushed.

“No!” he cried. “It was the bucket of wat-”

“-Sure.” Kassandra cut him off getting up. “Let’s get out of here. This place is freaking me out.”

“Kass!” cried Yugi as he ran after the retreating Vexos.


The figure in the yellow raincoat smirked.

“I guess I can’t find Kass.” came a low voice from under the raincoat. “Her administrator powers must be stopping me from finding her.” And he disappeared back into the night. A loud horn from the ship blew.

Count down to ship sink: 2 hours.


“Eeeekk!” screeched the girls as Momo, Bubbles, and Guts ran for their lives down the twists and turns of the hallways. They finally found a bathroom sign and Guts dragged them into the bathroom.

“Why are we hiding in a bathroom?” asked Bubbles suspiciously as the three opened the doors. The bathroom was huge, bigger than one could say.

“Cuz I got to pee so bad, it hurts!” cried Guts running into a stall and slamming the door.

“What happens if the rubber boot man finds us?” asked Momo a bit scared.

“I don’t even want to think about it.” said Bubbles sighing. “Why us? We’re just normal fans!”

“It’s all gonna be ok.” said Guts from the stall. “Well, at least for me and Yugi and maybe Mira. The rest of you don’t have a chance because your evil!” Momo and Bubbles sweat dropped then decided to throw water over the stall onto Guts. Guts screamed.

“Hey!” she cried. “Gross! That’s probably pee!”

“It’s water, nimrod.” Momo said sweat dropping.

“I’m not a nimrod, you’re a nimrod!” Guts protested back. The two began to throw insults back and forth until Guts came out of the stall.

“Do you want to take this out?!” cried Guts after washing her hands.

“Yes!” shouted Momo back as the two raced each other to the top deck. Bubbles sighed following behind them both. The rubber boot man forgotten.


“God.” mumbled the figure left behind just coming into the bathroom. “My ears are still ringing!” Then he paused and realized he was in the girls bathroom and ran out.

Sinking time: 1:45


Jhound and SuperS were running down the hallways and suddenly found themselves in a parking garage. Old cars were everywhere.

“We’re lost!” said Jhound. “This is your fault.”

“My fault?” exploded SuperS. “You were the one leading us!”

“Only because you’re too slow and said: ‘turn left!’” mimicked J. SuperS growled ready to reply back, but then they heard the sound of the giant metal doors opening once more.

“Quick! Hide!” SuperS said as they both took cover in a car. The doors finally opened and in stepped the sound of squishy rubber boots. Both SS and J froze hoping their companion could stay quiet.

The rubber boot man walked around slowly and looked in the cars on by one. When he got to the one J and SS were hiding in, they both hide jackets over them that were in the vehicle. Luckily for them, the rubber boot man continued on before he left.

Sighing in relief, SS and J left their hiding spot and continued fighting.

They quarreled until they reached the top deck.


Remaining time: 1:20

“Quick!” cried Mira dragging Masquerade behind her. “To the top deck!”

“Woman! I can walk by myself!” shouted Masquerade as he got out of Mira’s grip for he was beside her now. They ran for the top and made their way through the crowds. They then saw a bunch of woman and children getting into boats. A crew member stopped Mira as they were walking by.

“Please get in.” he said pushing Mira almost into the boat.

“No, give it to someone who deserves it.” Mira said trying to get away.

“Mam, please get in the boat!” argued the crew member. Masquerade grabbed Mira and dragged her away.

“Geez, how annoying.” mumbled Mira. “Let’s go see the captain.”

They reached the captain’s office, but when they got there the room was empty.

“Captain?” called Mira searching around the room. Masquerade reached the captain’s desk while Mira looked in what looked like a closet. She saw nothing out of the ordinary and went over to Masquerade.

“Look what I found.” said Masquerade holding up a card.

“The doom card!” Mira gasped excitedly. “Wait… how did the captain get it?”

“I don’t think the captain is who he says he is.” said Masquerade suspiciously. “Let’s go find the others.” Mira agreed and they went down to the top deck. There, they saw Spectra, Yumi, and Slav all catching their breath.

“Are you guys ok?” Mira asked as the three nodded.

“We just barely got away.” Spectra said. Mira frowned. Then, behind them Kassandra and Yugi showed up.

“Are you guys ok?” asked Mira again to the two. They nodded.

“He almost got us.” Kasssandra said. “He was maybe this close to my head.” she said putting out the width of her hand out.

“Wow.” said Slav. Then Bubbles, Momo, and Guts showed up. Momo and Guts were arguing over something. Bubbled just shrugged at everyone. Behind them were SuperS and Jhound who were also arguing.
Everyone began to talk all at once. Mira sighed frustrated.

“EVERYONE SHUSH YOUR MOUTHS!” shouted Yumi seeing her friend’s and Masquerade’s anger. Kassandra covered Yugi’s ears and Spectra covered Slavs.

“We got some important info.” said Mira after everyone was silent. Masquerade held up the doom card.

“Yay!” cheered Momo, Guts, and Kassandra. Everyone smiled.

“Let’s go home.” said Masquerade ready. Suddenly, the doom card won’t work.

“What happened?” exploded Mira. Everyone looked in shock as Masquerade tired again.

“NOOOOO!” cried Yugi. Suddenly, a giant whale came up and ate him. Everyone just watched in shock.

Sinking Time plus Whale equals only 15 minutes till ship down.

“Shoot!” cried Yumi as the boat began to drastically sink. Everyone looked at each other, what were they going to do? Suddenly, through all the commotion of the people on the ship and them, the rubber boot man emerged from the random fog. They screamed.

“Don’t eat us!” cried Slav.

“I’m not going to eat you,” came the low voice of the rubber boot man. “I’m going to….”

Dramatic pause.

“Congratulate you!” came a slightly happier voice. The skull face came off and everyone saw someone they didn’t expect.

“M_D?!” everyone exploded a little shocked. MD was amused.

“How?!” cried the girls.

“Why?!” cried the guys.

“Weee!” came a voice overboard. Everyone looked over to see Yugi in the whale’s mouth with a mermaid while eating some pie. They sweat dropped.

“Yugi58, get your butt out of the whale right now!” Scolded Kassandra.

“I don’t want to!” whined Yugi.

“I’ll tell everyone you peed your pants!” warned Kassandra.

“Yugi peed his pants?”




Obnoxious Laughing.

“I did not! It was bucket of wat-”

“Does anyone want to know what’s happening?! The ship’s going to sink soon!” MD shouted. They all sweat dropped. Right they had about 10 minutes.

“So,” said MD. “Since Mira and Masquerade screwed up, I took this as the perfect opportunity to challenge you all.”

“Challenge us?” everyone chorused. MD nodded.

“Yes, to see if you could all still work as the team and not leave each other because of stupid mistakes. I disguised myself as the ghost and the captain to challenge you.” MD said. “And you all passed.”

“So does that mean you know how to get us home?” Mira asked hopefully. MD nodded.

“Yay!” cheered everyone. MD grabbed the doom card and all they could see was a bright light. Suddenly, they were back at the Vexos lair.

“Wooh!” they cheered.

“What’d I miss?” asked Ace coming in. (Ace Inverted) They all sweat dropped.

“Everything.” Yumi explained. “Don’t worry about it.” and they hugged.

“Party!” Jhound announced as everyone began to dance. MD pulled Masquerade and Mira away from the party.

“Now, are you both glad I was there to save your butts?” MD asked them.

“Yes…” they both mumbled pouting.

“I think we’ve learned a lot from this.” said Yumi as everyone appeared near MD, Mira, and Masquerade.

“First, never run into ghosts!” Slav said making them laugh.

“Second,” Yumi interrupted. “Always stick together.” They all smiled.

“Third, I’m never going on a ship again!” cried Bubbles. Everyone agreed on that one.

“And finally,” said Mira. “Our names all start with M!” Mira said pointing to MD, Masquerade, and herself. They all sweat dropped.

“No, the last lesson was actually never to trust Masquerade and Mira with our lives ever again.” This made Masquerade smile and Mira pout.

They all began to party once more not worrying about the troubles they had just been through. Just that they were home and safe.

“Hey, I feel like we’re missing something.” said Kassandra after the party was over and everyone was just lounging around.

“You worry too much, Kass.” Guts said lazily. “Don’t worry about it and the feeling will go away!”

“Wait, Guts why are you still here?” Kassandra asked.



“Guys?” Yugi seat on the whale’s tongue looking sad. “They forgot me!”

“You have me, Yugi!” comforted the mermaid next to him.

“Yeah, but you have swine flu!” cried Yugi getting away from her.

“True…” she sighed.

The end
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PostSubject: Re: The Haunting of the Titanic   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:49 pm


I would have survive even if the ship sunk tho because I have levitation powers!!!

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PostSubject: Re: The Haunting of the Titanic   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:58 pm

This is simply... EPIC!!!!

I wish I was in it more.. -_- but I was too late...

Spect and I r gonna make a fan fic of MJ's music video "ghosts" and have the people form the site. :]
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PostSubject: Re: The Haunting of the Titanic   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:58 am

aww I wasn't in it
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PostSubject: Re: The Haunting of the Titanic   Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:42 pm

lol! lol! lol! I would soooooooo start a fight when we were being chased by a ghost XD I so would do that XDD ...And I'd probably win too (despite my small size Twisted Evil ) !! ^ ^
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PostSubject: Re: The Haunting of the Titanic   Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:47 pm

Dr. Haos wrote:
aww I wasn't in it

Sorry xDD We were never introduced before now
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PostSubject: Re: The Haunting of the Titanic   Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:43 pm

That was so funny. I liked it. xD

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PostSubject: Re: The Haunting of the Titanic   

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The Haunting of the Titanic
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