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 Eskura's my name, welcome me please.

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PostSubject: Eskura's my name, welcome me please.   Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:30 am

Hey, my name's Eskura. You may know me if you're a member of BakuganBuzz. I found this place (well, more like Pudder told me about it) and made an account. This place seems pretty cool (even if the colors are bright), so I decided to make an account (especially after hearing about it from Puder).

Anyways, I'm pretty well respected on BakuganBuzz, and have earned the nick name "BakuDex" there, so that obviously means I know a lot about Bakugan (which I do). I'm 14 and currently live in Missouri, USA. I may not be on here much, but that doesn't mean won't be on at all. So, if you want any more questions about me, just ask me.
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Eskura's my name, welcome me please.
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