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 Shugo Baku-Pokemon- Wind Scar(PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!)

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PostSubject: Shugo Baku-Pokemon- Wind Scar(PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!)   Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:57 pm

Shugo Baku-Pokemon- Wind Scar

“Won’t those two EVER give up?!” said Yumi watching the admins brawl out their Helios’.

“It would’ve been done if Kasey hadn’t been abusing her Glow Shield!!” growled M_D.

“I wouldn’t have to use it if you did keep reviving your Triple Creaser!!” Kasey snapped

“And I wouldn’t have had to do that if you---”

“JUST SHUT UP AND EAT A PIECE OF PIE!!!” yelled Mira, eating a piece of pie.

“This is quite amusing” Spectra said, then glancing over to Mira, and smirked seeing cherry syrup all over her face.

“What?” Mira said, clueless.

Meanwhile in the pool.

“I could beat you ANYDAY ANYTIME!” Jhound bragged.

“Wanna bet?!” Ace replied.

“Does this answer your question?!” Jhound yelled “Gauntlet Power Strike!!”

“Er… Gauntlet Power Strike!!” Ace yelled in turn.

“Come on guys! It’s the pool! WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!!” Bubbles and SuperS yelled at the same time.

“Let them brawl, what does it matter?” grunted Rosie.

Meanwhile in the cafeteria

“FOOD!!!” yelled ShadowP, and Slav.

“What should I eat first?!” ShadowP said excited.

“IDK!” Slav replied “JUST EAT!!!!”

As ShadowP and Slav sat down and ate, they saw the legendary brawler Unknown. He was just sitting there. Not doing anything.

“Who’s he?!” Yelled Slav, making Unknown glare at Slav, Slav receded and went back to his food.

Back at the Admin battle

“This is it Kasey!” M_D yelled over the roaring of the bakugan “Gate Card Open! Darkus Reactor!!”

Back at the Pool

“Gate Card Open! Darkus Reactor!!” Yelled Ace

At the Cafeteria

“With my Darkus Reactor” Shadow said “I can pwn you.”

Admin Brawl

As the gate card opened it didn’t give M_D’s Darkus Percival power, it opened up a black hole.

“M_D! What is that?” Kassandra said trying to stay put with all her might.

“I think I opened some kind of dimensional portal. Using my gate card!” M_D yelled.

“Mira! Yumi! Spectra! Help me!” Kassandra screamed as she was lifted off the ground, and into the portal.

Yumi jumps up, and reaches for Kasey’s hand, but they miss, and Kassandra goes down into the portal. Yumi landed and then realized she was being sucked in too. “Kass!! Wha? Noo! Someone help me!”

Mira jumped up, and grabbed Yumi’s shoe. “Gotcha!!” Mira yelled. “Oh wait I have something on my face.” Mira let go of Yumi, and wipes her face off, not realizing the Yumi was gone into the portal, and Mira finally reached back for Yumi “Oh… oops…”

Spectra levitated down to M_D. “Master Nightmare!” He yelled “What happened?!?”

M_D glanced over “I don’t know!” He screamed over Mira getting sucked into the portal, along with other stuff nearby. “Darkus may have to power of some kind of dimensional warp maybe? But somehow this Darkus Reactor, and maybe others near here, have turned into a portal!”

Spectra said “Well, then… Let’s get moving.” he said, as he fell into the portal.

M_D just looked down. All the people around him got sucked it. “Well… It couldn’t hurt.” M_D yelled as he jumped.

At the pool.

“YOU BUMBLING IDIOT!!!!” Jhound screamed at Ace.

“WHAT?!? HOW IS THIS MY FAULT?!?!” Ace screamed back.

“YOU OPENED UP THE GATE CARRRRRRRRRRRRRD…” Jhound screamed, pulled in.

“I’m alone?” Ace realized, as Jhound just got pulled in, and Bubbles and SuperS and Black Rose, were gone immediately. Ace shrugged. He was alone. “Cool” Ace then stood there, and heard a bark. Woof was being sucked in as well. “AHHH!” Ace said, and then he jumped into the portal.

At the cafeteria

“Slav?” Shadow questioned as he got pulled into an unopened gate card. “AHH!” As he was pulled in.

Unknown wondered what happened. So he strolled up to the card, and picked it up. He saw what it was, and dropped it. He stepped back, but still got pulled in.

At the resistance base.

“Hey Awesome. Wanna help me give yugi a wedgie?” Lync whispered.

“Heck yes.” Awesome whispered back. Awesome approached yugi from the front. “Hi yugi. You know what? I’ve finally realized you are the best brawler in the universe. I’m sorry that I mocked you.”

yugi was in shock. “You think I am better than you?” yugi stared at Awesome. “Finally!” And while yugi went on a speech about how he really was the best brawler ever. While Lync sneaked up behind him. And grasped him underwear, and pulled really hard. He finally stopped when the underwear, were over his head. Awesome smiled and said “No. I pwn you yugi.”

Lync and Awesome laughed hard. Then the Darkus Reactor in Lync’s back pocket sucked Lync, yugi, and Awesome into the back hole. Haruchi saw everything from behind the corner. And she jumped into the portal.


“Hi everyone” Kassandra grunted.

“M_D, where exactly are we?” Yumi questioned.

“No idea Yumi.” M_D answered. “Why does yugi…?”

Lync and Awesome raised their hands.

Kassandra leaned back. No gravity. They were all floating in space… somewhere. “Well at least nobody has another Darkus reactor!”
With that a portal from Yumi, M_D, Lync, and Ace opened again

“AHHH!” Everyone screamed as they were pulled into the 4 separate portals.
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PostSubject: Re: Shugo Baku-Pokemon- Wind Scar(PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!)   Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:32 am

But... I thought I.. was... Im confused T.T Where am I?? Did you cut me out of the story...? You told me I was *whisper whisper* (<---- I don't wanna ruin it ^ ^)....

Anyways, whether Im in it or not, Really great!! Can't wait for the whole thing!! Very Happy
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Shugo Baku-Pokemon- Wind Scar(PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!)
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