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 Story of something

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PostSubject: Story of something   Sun Apr 26, 2009 4:55 pm

A boy named Dan no older than 14 starts a journey so thrilling and perilous he doesn't know of the danger. Dan is always cocky but finally he has something to be cocky about. This happened in two different worlds Earth And Vestal. The brawler Ace same age as Dan faced the same journey but in Vestal. The great event that changed life for Dan and Ace was to await them when they were home. Before all of this, Dan and another young boy Shun who was always trained to be a ninja by his grandfather became friends. Now this special event is so thrilling no one would even think of it in the real world, beside their dreams. Hail everywhere, but when this "hail" came to the ground it was no whhite cold substance. It was a never seen object that looked so cool and had a weird cutout design that when Dan found his he had to open it. Unfortunetly he couldn't, he had no idea where these things came from either. All he knew that was these balls of cool designs and colors were cool. That night Dan opened his window because it was so hot in his room, he saw cards coming down from the sky just like the balls. He tried to grab one out of his window but it only ended him falling out of his window. But he got one and he saw some strange language inscripted on this card but suddenly changed into JAPANESE. So he went back up to his bed to sleep. The next day Dan e-mailed Shun a picture of the strange card, but Shun couldn't read Japanese. So Dan got a CD of a TV program called Muzzy and it was for translating Japanese into English. That was a stupid mistake for Dan since when he tried to translate it said "GILGAHIH" and he new it wasn't English so he figured he got Japanese when it was Chinese. Dan only had 2 dollars left so he could buy another Muzzy, so he thought might as well throw it away if he can't read it. WHen he threw the card into the recycling bin for paper it poped back out and was floating in the air for only two seconds when it went into the recycling bin for aluminum. Dan felt stupid after that and only a day into the future something strange changed his life. After he threw the card into the recycling bin he happened to noice that every hour the bin got bigger and bigger. So he told himself that he would take the card out of the garbage bin tomorow to see what it looks like again. So Dan takes out the card and goes to his computer. He emails Runo(his girlfirend), Shun, Choji(some kid who hangs out with him), Julie and older girl that's friends with Runo, and Alice(Dan's babysitter), a picture of the card.
After that he went straight to "Ebay" to see what the card was worth. HE checked it out posted to say he would sell it and got 1 million offers all under 1 dollar. He thought that was a ripoff so he threw it in the garbage this time. What do you know the garbage was as big as Dan this time and in his dream he got visited by the gods of Earth. The gods of Pollution, Recycling, and something unknown, all visited him and tought him a very valuable lesson and you have to PM Ace to find out the Bad part and then Pm Ace again after he has answered you to find out the good part.


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PostSubject: Re: Story of something   Tue May 12, 2009 1:35 am

I found this very interesting,fun,creative and most imposrtant of all it teaches us to reuse,not pollute and recycle
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Story of something
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