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 Nuuro's Profile.

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PostSubject: Nuuro's Profile.   Sun Nov 08, 2009 11:44 am

Name: Nuuro
Appearance: NA
Species: Human
Side: Vexos
Bakugan Types: Darkus, Pyrus
Traits: Merciful, Kind, loves winning.
Other Traits: Doesn't care if lost, learns from mistakes.


Pyrus Team:javascript:emoticonp('Pyrus')

Pyrus Neo Dragonoid
javascript:emoticonp('Pyrus Fly Beetle')
javascript:emoticonp('Pyrus Atmos')

Darkus Team:javascript:emoticonp('Darkus')

javascript:emoticonp('Darkus Percival')
javascript:emoticonp('Darkus Neo Dragonoid')
Darkus Anchorsaur
Darkus Scorpion

Gate Cards:
3X Pyrus Reactor+150 to Pyrus Bakugan
3X Darkus Reactor+150 to Darkus Bakugan

Ability Cards:
2x Burning Dragon +200Gs to Neo Dragonoid
3x Fire Tornado transfers 100gs from your opponent to your Pyrus Bakugan
3x Burst Shield: Transfers 200 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to your Neo Dragonoid.
x1 Misty Shadow: Only available once, every other brawl. Allows your Darkus Percival to revert the opponent's bakugan back to its base power level.
x2 Darkus Thunder: Increases your Darkus Percival's power level by 300 Gs and decrease your opponent's power level by 200 Gs.
x2 Pyrus Slayer: Increases your Pyrus Neo Dragonoid by 300 Gs and decreases your opponent's bakugan by 100 Gs.
x2 Poison Sting Flip a coin, heads- cancels all opponents abilities, move this card to unused pile.
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PostSubject: Re: Nuuro's Profile.   Sun Nov 08, 2009 8:47 pm

u need a 450G bakugan and more cards
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Nuuro's Profile.
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