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 Episode #77: Six Degrees of Destruction

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PostSubject: Episode #77: Six Degrees of Destruction   Mon Nov 09, 2009 3:29 pm

New Vestroia has been saved for six months now, until Mira returns, with some good news and some bad news. She successfully managed to convince the people of Vestal that the Bakugan were intelligent beings and that the Royal family are evil conquerers. This drove King Zenoheld, Prince Hydron, and the Vexos (excluding Spectra and Gus) into hiding temporarily until Professor Clay completed his Bakugan Termination System, capable of destroying all Bakugan within a 1,000 kilometer radius. However, in order to power this machine, he will need the attribute energies of all six Bakugan attributes from the Ancient Warriors. King Zenoheld challenges all six Ancient Warriors to a battle against his Mechanical Bakugan "Farbros". Outnumbered six to one, has King Zenoheld made a fatal mistake, or is it the Ancient Warriors who have underestimated the power of Professor Clay's Mechanical Bakugan creations.

Enjoy! Smile

Nightmare -
Member - VEXOS
Bakugan - 10 Darkus, 10 Pyrus, 5 SubTerra, 5 Haos, 5 Aquos, 5 Ventus
Traps - Darkus, 10
Cards - 8 Gates, 72 Abilities, 14 Special Abilities, 6 Fusion Abilities
Profile -

12 wins - 1 loss (using SubTerra)
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Episode #77: Six Degrees of Destruction
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