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 the gratest battle of all! part 2

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PostSubject: the gratest battle of all! part 2   Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:32 pm

"Bakugan brawl wilda stand!" SubTerra Wilda said Mira. "This is over!" said a voice in the back of the room. It was Shocked "ICHIGO!!!!!" He was the soul reaper or watever. "Bakugan brawl!" he shouted. "WHAT!!!!!!!" everyone shoted! The battle was about over when Darkus Neo Dragonoid Darkus Percival Darkus Wilda Darkus Nemus Darkus Elfin and Darkus Premo Vulcan clamed the battle field. In one snap the the field bluw up in battle.

Will the bakugan battle brawlers win or will ichigo win stay
tooned to see the next chapter of the gratest battle of all!
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the gratest battle of all! part 2
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