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 VentusViperHelios123 profile (bunch of old vestroia)

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PostSubject: VentusViperHelios123 profile (bunch of old vestroia)   Mon Dec 28, 2009 5:43 pm

Remove threat plz i put it in rong place
likes-ventus bakugan badness darkness haos
dislike-good guys
look-mowhauk jacket black hair brown skin tone

SubTerra wormwake 400g
Pyrus dual hydranoid 380g
Ventus sepenoid 330g

Pyrus triad sphinx 350g

card (gate)
ocean spray
files of lava
tri color fist-bakugan owned by players with at least three diferents atributes in he game get +150 g-power
flame arena
light portal
triangel gate
muddy ground
caver portal

card (abillity)
rip tide-play at the start of your turn if any opponent has more gate card in his used pile than you while this card is in your used pile,you may reroll any aquos or haos bakugan ounce per turn

poison sting-play after your opponents plays an ability card in a battel where you have a scorpion flip a coin if it head cancel all the effects of your opponents ability card and moves this card into your used piles

metalfencer-play whene you add a metalfencer to a battel insted of changing a atribute of your bakugan,you may change the atribute of your opponents bakugan to any elements of metal fencer

scraper-playing during a battel yor bakugan gains g power based on its atribute. if its scraper it insted gains +120 g-power

magma blast- play after your opponents roll and stAnd on an empty gate cards you may stand any of your unused Pyrus or SubTerra bakugan on that gate card battel battel ensues

trap squeeze-playing during a battels with and opponents bakugan trap bakugan gains g power based on its atribute

ground-play at the start of a battel whene you have a subterra bakugan reduce all the atributes bonused printed on the gate card that higherthan 50 to 50

lern frome experience-play after you lose a battel with a pyrus of haos bakugan add any red ability card from your collection to your un used pile.

color storm- playing during a battel-your bakugans gains g-power based on its atribute

the shadow-playing during a battel if your bakugan has the lowestprinted g-power-your bakugans gains g-power based on its atribute
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VentusViperHelios123 profile (bunch of old vestroia)
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