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 Bakufan2000's Profile (Not Finished)

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PostSubject: Bakufan2000's Profile (Not Finished)   Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:51 am

Not finished with profile yet do not approve Very Happy

Likes:MyMaster,theVexos,MyFav.Bakugan(who's name I will not speak.),Ventus,Haos,and Darkus.
Dislikes:BattleBrawlersResistance,DanKuso,NeoDrago(whom I must capture.),and all the bakugan and humans who defie Me!!!
Traits:Deadly,VERY mean in battle,serious,and will do anything to obtain neo drago

Description:The ONLY Vexos who uses more than one attribute of bakugan and is so far ranked #2 of the Vexos. He is deadly serious when it comes to battle!!! He was born a bakugan brawlers and was raised as one to. But he was covered in darkeness and hate and joined the Vexos! Though he ounce disobeyed his master and helped the brawlers resistance ounce!

Not finished with profile yet do not approve Very Happy
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Bakufan2000's Profile (Not Finished)
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